Combat Cancer is a charitable organisation raising funds for supporting cancer research organisations. We rely on your donations to reach out and help patients overcome cancer.

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Combat Cancer is a young charity in the UK that was set-up in May 2018 and is registered with Charity Commission for England and Wales, under the registration No 1178293, and Scotland – registration No 048662. At Combat Cancer, our aim is to support world-class and established research organisations into finding a cure for cancer.

The center focuses on six major areas: leukaemia, lymphoma, brain tumour, neuroblastoma, pediatric pharmacology and early phase clinical trials. We are committed to supporting and increasing the contribution to cancer research projects and believe a day will come when, even the most form of advanced cancer, will be completely treatable. However, for that to become a possibility, we need your support and donations.

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Although the battle is tough, cancer patients find support from the love and care that they receive, which gives them the strength to fight this life-threatening battle and emerge a winner – a survivor. For that purpose, we offer different volunteer roles which will give you a chance to actively support our cause and help in research that can save thousands of lives.

Join our team today and help us support the fight for cancer.

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Cancer Research

Our primary purpose is to collect donations and funds to aid cancer research organisations for adequate diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer.
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Project Selection Criteria

Our team has provided a checklist that is the basis for research priorities to help our charity group shortlist research organisations before donations can be made.
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Fund Raising Activities

As a charitable organisation, we solely rely on your support to help us fund cancer research through different fund-raising activities
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Why Choose Us?

Cancer is a chronic disease that is not only extremely painful but can be life-threatening if proper treatment is not provided at an early stage. Some forms of cancer are curable if diagnosed at an early stage, and apart from ongoing treatments, research is making a big difference in not only finding effective ways to treat cancer but also in the prevention of cancer.
Combat Cancer is a charity group solely dedicated to collecting donations and raising funds to help cancer research organisation, such as the Wolfson Childhood Cancer Research Centre.
The total cancer treatment cost includes surgery, chemotherapy, medication, travel costs, and costs of intensive care – all of which can be extremely costly. Our group is determined to play its part in helping the patients, research organisations and the community on the whole with our efforts and work.
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Being a cancer caregiver changes a person in so many ways. Going through the grief process becomes easier when you learn the strategies to cope with it. Grief is a natural biological response that becomes evident in the event of a loss of something precious and something dear. As someone dealing with a cancer patient, this loss may include:

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The most important thing that is needed to be realized about grief by a cancer caregiver is that it is normal. The first step towards healing is acceptance. Nobody should put a time limit on grief. The symptoms might come and go, and you will always have to resist to the thought that forces you deal with it alone.

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